About the Story

Hidden in dark corners, creeping from under your bed or watching you from the closet. Scuttling from behind the dresser or hiding in the darkest recesses of your very mind—night hags can take any form and come from anywhere.

Night hags prowl the land of Nod for human dreams. When they find one suitable they infest their mind, feeding on the negative emotions and fears of their human. They make them worse, altering the human's behavior as they feed on the vulnerable dreamer, whispering lies and promises that will never be kept into their ears while they sleep.

To protect the humans from these nasty creatures, Hagwarders travel the world, searching for hagridden humans and killing the hags that would dare keep them from their rest. As diverse as their enemies, the hagwarders' solemn duty is to protect humans from the night hags to make sure they sleep well, sleep safe, and sleep soundly.

For better or worse, you are never alone when you lay down your sleepy head.

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